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Saturdays 9:00 am  1-hour class running for five

                             (5) weeks price is $205.00 ($6.25 service charge for credit card payments.

                                                                    No charge for cash/check.)

Location:  Paws and Wing Place Camano Island, WA  

                  185 Mc Elroy Dr, Camano, WA 98282



This class is perfect for all puppies 12 weeks-6 months. We will address ALL THINGS PUPPY, from house-breaking issues to Digging, Chewing, Barking, Jumping up, and many more. I use a very positive reward-based training method, so be sure to bring plenty of yummy training treats with you for class. This is the ideal curriculum to get puppies started on a journey of lifelong learning and the acquisition of skills that make puppy shenanigans more manageable. We will begin to build a line of communication between you and your pup. You will learn how to get and keep your puppy’s attention and skills like sits, downs, Stay, Place, Recalls, off, proper greetings, and many other skills. We will also cover how to socialize your puppy correctly.

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