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Client Testimonials

Trish P.

Bothell, WA


We rescued a Taiwanese Mountain dog/puppy from Taiwan.  

We tried several Dog Trainers and puppy classes, but nothing seemed to help.  We were at our wits end when we were referred to Maggie.

We enrolled our Puppy into the K9Crazy Puppy Training Program, which was a 30 day stay and learn puppy camp with Maggie.  My husband and I weren't to sure if it was going to work, but we felt it was worth a try.  We got her (Pepper) back and were amazed.  She was a whole new dog!

We were so happy.  It's been 6 months since we got our puppy back and each day she continues to get better and better.  We went camping with a large group of family and friends recently and each person told us she was a completely different dog from last year.  So, take it from us, Maggie is amazing and you will see results! 

My husband and I will send any new dog we get to Maggie from now on and we recommend  her to anyone.  She is fantastic, very knowledgeable and really has a passion for working with dogs

Mary Ann.

Snohomish, WA


Maggie worked with me and my Great Dane Koda. My Dane had an attitude from hell even though she is very sweet, but when Koda wanted something, she would do anything to get it. Grab food off the counter, knock stuff over, jump at me, paw me it was very irritating that I couldn't get my Dane under control. I found Maggie the best dog trainer in my opinion. She showed me how to deal with Koda. Maggie taught me the skills and tools I needed to get my dog under control.  My Great Dane Koda is now 105 pounds and still growing and is very well-behaved. Maggie really knows her stuff about dogs.  I'm so happy I found her when I did. Thank you, Maggie, for everything.



Sheelagh O.

Bellevue, WA


Maggie is the BEST!  She is very competent, reliable and professional.

She truly has a gift with dogs that is amazing to see.  SHE KNOWS HER STUFF!  She is extremely kind to animals.  Very evident by her training method.

Maggie is a very nice person and we really enjoyed our time with her each week when she visited our home for our lesson.  We really looked forward to our visits.

I highly recommend her if you need some help with training for your puppy/dog.



Patty R.

Edmonds, WA


K9Crazy is as good as it gets for dog/puppy training!  Maggie not only knows dogs but she also knows dog owners.  The combination means outstanding results when you and your dog work with her.


Jennifer S.

Mercer Island, WA


Maggie at K9Crazy is the best!  We were lucky enough to be referred to her by another long time client and we are so thankful that we hired her to train our new dog.  She has an amazing way of working with your dog and we saw instant results.  It was so convenient to have Maggie come to our home to do the training.  We never had to deal with the normal puppy stuff like chewing on furniture or accidents on the carpet.  We are also very grateful that Maggie offers boarding services. She only watches a dog or two at a time so you know your pet is getting constant love and attention instead of being caged.  Offers so much peace of mind to know our dog is so happy.  It is a vacation for our dog who is over the top excited when she gets picked up for the boarding.  We highly recommend Maggie for all your dog training needs.

Shirley H.

Lake Stevens, WA


Our dog Karlie, a toy American Eskimo, stayed with Maggie for 15 days.  It was great to have peace of mind while we were on vacation.  We picked a program that would also give Karli some manners.  I was so impressed when Maggie brought Karli home to us after vacation.  Our puppy, 7 months old, learned manners.  She no longer jumped all over us and would actually listen.  I can now walk with her without her pulling away.  She stays by me and understands "wait" and "off" very well.  Thank you Maggie!



Carol P.

Bellevue, WA


Maggie is great with dogs and people.  I spoke to Maggie about my choice of dog before we even chose a puppy.  She visited us, listened to my concerns and helped me choose a puppy out of the litter.  Then she visited us and helped us settle the puppy and then we started the training.  I enjoyed our training sessions.  She feels more like a friend than a dog trainer.  As a result of Maggie, we have a well trained, lovable, well adjusted family member.  I would not hestitate to contact her again if we ever needed more training.  I highly recommend adding Maggie to your family!

Deena R.

Issaquah, WA


Maggie is an experienced and dedicated dog trainer. She has worked with our Goldendoodle puppy who is quite stong physically and mentally.  Maggie trained him well.  She also worked with the whole family to teach us how to have a well behaved dog!  Thank you Maggie!



Doreen F.

Mill Creek, WA


We recently hired Maggie/K9Crazy when we brought home our 2 (yes 2) 8 week old puppies.  Maggie was amazing with the puppies and us.  With her experience and TLC she had the pups and us paying attention and following instructions in no time.  She identified differences in the pup's personalities and gave us suggestions when working each puppy.  She also took the time with each family member working with each puppy.  With practicing daily as she recommended our pups quickly learned all their basic commands.  We are always being complemented by people we meet on the street on how well behaved they both walk on leash for being such young pups.  Thank you Maggie for giving us the tools to help our puppies adjust so easily to becoming well-behaved family members.  

We highly recommend Maggie for training!

Katie L.

Sammamish, WA


I am the kind of "mom" that has a hard time trusting my dog to other people- not to menion boarding kennels.  Maggie had trained our Pug Lucy a few years ago and has really treated Lucy like she was one of her own dogs.  

After looking at all of the kennels out there, we decided to leave Lucy with Maggie at her home for a week while we went on vacation.  Other dogs were being boarded at the same time, but it was a more personal home environment than any kennel we had looked at.  We felt comfortable leaving our little girl with her-knowing that she was in loving hands and that she would be receiving the most loving of attention.

We were regularly updated while we were on vacation on how Lucy was doing and even were sent videos of Lucy running around the yard playing with other friendly dogs.  I was actually able to fully enjoy my trip without any worry of whether my dog was being cared for and really looked after.

If you are on the fence on whether or not to use K9Crazy, rest assured Maggie is completely worth every penny!!



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