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Boarding - Safe, Low stress, family style, private kennel with heater and Air Conditioning! Price starting at $60.00 per night. Does not include  pick up and delivery, medicine or special needs. 


Welcome to our Boarding:Safe, Low Stress, family style, private kennel with Heat & AC. We provide the most comfortable and safe environment for your dog while you are away. Our experienced staff will ensure your dog is happy and stress-free. Our services are non-refundable, so you can be sure your pet is receiving the best care. Come visit us today and give your pet the best care it deserves

Boarding:Safe, Low stress, family style, private kennel with Heat & AC

  • In order to provide a safe and healthy environment for all pets under K9Crazy Dog Training's care, the following is required:  A. Vaccinations — The following up-to-date immunizations are required unless Owner has a letter from a veterinarian stating otherwise: For puppies less than one year… Full series of DHLP/P and Corona (usually three), Bordetella, and Rabies. There is an exception for very young puppies under 16 weeks starting the “Stay and Learn” program. They must have 2 sets of shots and a clear Fecal exam prior to arriving for the program.  For dogs over one year... Vaccines boosted yearly. Bordetella boosted twice yearly.  B. Flea and tick protection — All dogs must be wearing monthly topical flea/tick protection such as Frontline®, Revolution® or Advantage®. Frontline® is available at K9Crazy Dog Training for $17 per application.  C. Parasite screenings — All dogs coming to K9Crazy Dog Training are required to have a fecal examination to check for both giardia and other parasites common in our area. Fecal examinations are required yearly thereafter. 

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