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What's it like staying at K9Crazy?

As a dog trainer I offer the service of pet sitting to my traveling clients. Seems logical to me to take care of my clients dogs while they are off on business or pleasure, after all I know their dogs almost as well as they do. They all seem to express to me how amazing it is to actually not worry at all about their little ones while they travel. I love that they are actually relaxing while away because that's a win-win for everyone. The humans clear their brains and relax while the dogs are treated like royalty here with me and my husband (Sargent at Arms) Carlos.

We have 2 dogs of our own; Vinny and Pebbles.

They are both a hoot and extremely social. Vinny, a 25 lb, 8 year old white, fluffy bichon mix is gifted with the excellent skill of settling the energy of any new comers. He can diffuse nearly any situation that a new guest dog may dish up. I have to admit it took me a while to actually see that skill in him as it was disguised by pure silliness and reckless abandon.

Pebbles, a 6 yr old chi-yorkie mix is all of 4 lbs and missing a rear leg but tough as nails when it comes to sticking up for herself around new guest dogs. They all respect her and try desperately to play with her amid her tiny little snarls. These two dogs are a huge part of helping any dogs acclimate to our home when they arrive. I couldn't do this without them.

We have clients that I would call "Regulars". They board with us once a month or so and know the routine very well. They are very excited when they arrive and have no issues settling in at all. The small social dogs stay in a large guest room located on the main floor of our home. It is appropriately called "The Dog Room". Original, I know. It's a snuggly, comfy warm room where my dogs have their beds, bowls and so on. It has pictures on the walls of all dogs that have stayed with us and classical music playing all day. It is a warm yellow room that seems to be pleasing to all who enter. Here's the best part: No dog smell at all. Yay!! It is kept very clean at all times to assure that my home doesn't ever get that "doggy smell" that so many homes get when dogs move in.

The bigger dogs or less social ones stay in our heated/cooled attached garage. We have 3 very large dog runs in this brightly lit room. There is classical music also playing in that room and big comfy beds are provided if the client doesn't provide one. Each kennel is completely sterilized after every dog leaves.

Every dog goes outside to play/potty every 2 hours and there in lies the fun! We rotate the dogs out making sure that each dog gets plenty of exercise and potty time. Our dog yard is uniquely beautiful and completely dog friendly. Lots of area to run and dodge between trees and open spaces. Plenty of shade and sun. A dog pool as well from spring thru summer. We are adding Turf in the play yard to allow our more delicate guests a

softer surface to play and potty on.

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