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I just don't like that word......

So it's Monday afternoon and I'm thinkin' I gotta get this newsletter out or else...or else what?? My clients will read someone elses newsletter?? Business will drop off and no more dog training for me?? Yep! or I think that's how things work these days? I feel pressured to keep up with social media or these newsletters to stay in touch with my clients. Wouldn't it be much more personal to just get together for a glass of wine and talk about dogs? Like," how's the pup doing on his Sit-Stays this week, oh and pass the cheese and crackers please?" Or perhaps we meet at Starbucks once a month and you all show up for a coffee on me to tell me how life is treating you and your dogs? That sounds like fun but we'd have to fight for chairs from those people who bring their computers or tablets and order an ice water to sit all day and BLOG!

hat brings me to my husband.

The other day he suggested I write a monthly Blog.

A BLOG...? What the heck is a BLOG? I don't even like that word, blog, it sounds awful. Did a millennial come up with it?

When googled it says it's a web log. Um..then it should be Wlog shouldn't it? Anyway its an article so why isn't it called an article?? So many silly words for simple things these days.

At any rate I have decided to write one of these Blog things (that word still stinks!) starting today and will update it as things occur in my life as a dog trainer, Mom, Wife, and now Grandmother. I will try to include pics now and then to keep the monotony from setting in. The next time my husband suggests that I write that BLOG I'll tell him I have and that he should call it what it is: an article! Then I'll give him a big fat kiss!

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